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7 Reasons For Manali

7 Reasons For Manali

Come summer and everyone is looking to cool themselves off. Manali is one of the best destinations in the country to do that. Don’t agree with us? Here are seven reasons to convince you!

7 Reasons Why Manali Should Be on Everyone’s Bucket List:

1. Skiing in Solang Valley

Soland valley is famous in India for various fun adventure sports and its enchanting views of the hills around Manali. HolidayIQ reviewer Prashant says, “At the beginning of march the rohtang pass is not open. Hence we went at solang Vally. It was full of snow. We have done skating & lots of photography. We also went to byas river which is flowing from near to solang Vally. Their was games & food was also available.”

2. The beautiful Hidimba temple

A temple that occupies an important place in Hindu mythology, one could learn a lot about Bhim and his wife Hidiba here. HolideyIQ reviewer Gitika says, “Hadimba Temple is located in Manali. The temple is surrounded by the cedar forest at the foot of Himalaya. It is an ancient cave temple dedicated to Hadimba devi, wife of Bhim. The temple is one of the popular sights of Manali.The sanctuary is built over a huge rock jutting out of the rock which was worshipped as the deity.”

3. The quaint village of Kothi

Want to hear the streams gush and birds sing? Head to Kothi. HolidayIQ reviewer Jatin says, “This was the highest point of our trip. This was the last point on Rohtang Road that we could go in the month of February. We witnessed snowfall in the month of February. Roads were covered with snow. It was safe.”

4. Sip tea by the river Beas

River Beas, famously known as the river where Alexander the Great was forced to end his conquest of the world has emerged as a spot for adventure seekers and lovers of nature alike. HolidayIQ reviewer Abhinav says, “River beas is the only river passes through the Manali town. The flow is very high, the sound of flow can be heard from 200 300 meters away from rivers. The river meets with several small waterfalls and smalls rivers and become very huge after passing mountains.”

5. Enjoy boating in Van Vihar

Van Vihar is a municipal garden situated in front of the Tibetan market on Mall Road. In the lake located within the park, tourists can opt for boating. The park is adorned with big deodar trees. HolidayIQ reviewer Rishi says, “Van Vihar is situated in the Manali town, sandwiched between road to Manali and the Beas river. It is a deodar forest, and is an ideal place to relax preferably in the evening immediately before sunset. There are benches inside to sit or one can have a walk too inside the forest. There is a small park too for childrens to play. One can also enjoy the flow of river sitting on the banks.”

6. The serene atmosphere of Vashist springs

This place is is well known for its hot sulphur springs and temples. Taking a dip in this water is considered sacred by many. Nearby is the pyramidal stone temple devoted to Vashist Muni, a revered sage.HolidayIQ revviewer Jeetendra says, “Vashisht Village is an ancient temple situated on the banks of river Ravi. This Temple is surrounded with scenic beauty of Ravi river. Hot water springs and completely wooden temples are points of attraction. People do take bath in hot spring water kund.”

7. The unique charm of Old Manali

Old Manali is where you should go if you’re looking to explore Manali independent of its tourist destination status. HolidayIQ reviewer Manish says, “The Old Manali is across Manalsu River and connects to New Manali through the bridge at the River Manalsu. Beautiful slow village with breathtaking view. It’s highly recommended place to visit and experience the life of the village with modern amenities of today’s.”

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